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Ottawa Erlang

Erlang in Canada's National Capital!

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What is Erlang?

Erlang is a platform that makes it easy to create highly scalable and fault tolerant systems.

Programming in Erlang lets you model your application like it would behave in the real world. It gives you a truly concurrent paradigm that makes it easy to program logic, state and execution together. This is built from the inside out, without the need for additional bolted-on frameworks.

Erlang also has built-in support for distributed computing, where multiple Erlang VMs can connect and interact together.

The result is a highly productive experience based on proven design decisions that let you focus on what truly matters: the problem you are trying to solve.

The central unit of design in Erlang is a lightweight process. A single Erlang VM can support 100,000s of processes without any adverse effect.

Information gets exchanged between Erlang processes using messages. Every process has a mailbox from which it can read incoming messages.

Erlang processes can be linked together so that when a process dies, any process linked to it gets automatically notified. This even works across nodes spread out on a network!

What is Ottawa Erlang?

Canada's National Capital area has a strong community of innovative high-tech companies and a solid legacy in telecoms.

The goal of the Ottawa Erlang Meetup Group is to raise awareness and ensure more people can reap the benefits of using Erlang.

This is done by connecting people who are curious about Erlang with others who've actually gone to production with it.

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